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We need to understand what actually makes us happy.
Make connections between emotions and behaviour.
Respond fluidly to circumstances beyond our control.

Confidence and resilience are skills that can be learned through Endeavour. With the right guidance and tools, everyone can achieve physical health, emotional wellbeing and personal success.



Food is essential. But we want it to taste great, build muscle, keep our energy levels high and give us the body we want.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there, so we’ve stripped out the fluff to give you the fundamentals. No more overeating, under-eating, or food anxiety. Just the foods you like and the body you want.

We know prescriptive ON / OFF diets don’t work. So we're not going to give you one. Instead, you’ll learn how to eat the foods you want and enjoy the body you desire.

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The Endeavour FOOD Education

Love the detail? Here’s what we have included in the Food Roadmap:

  • Making calories work for your requirements
  • What macronutrients are and how they affect you
  • How to utilise different diet phases to get results and have a life
  • Should you worry about micronutrients?
  • The 80/20 rule
  • How to get hydrated - usable advice
  • Getting enough fibre made easy
  • Reading food labels like a boss
  • How to eat junk food and be healthy
  • Eating at restaurants while dieting
  • Maximising your sleep and for increased performance at the gym and work
  • Supplements, yes or no?
  • How to build habits that make everything easier
  • Setting goals that set you up for success not failure
  • Intuitive eating and the gold standard of eating for life

Endeavour FOOD Body Composition

We tailor your nutrition to sync optimally to your movement training.
But you will have the option to choose certain points depending on your own goals.

  • 1 Data acquisition phase
  • 1 Refuel phase
  • 3 Deficit (diet) phases
  • 3 Surplus (bulking) phases
  • 3 Maintenance phases

Endeavour FOOD Recipes

We want you to put the nutritional principles you learn each week into practice. So, Caspar has cooked up 52 recipes you can make at home. Here's a flavour of what to expect.

  • Chicken breast & sweet potato chips with a green bean, spring onion & mint salad & tahini dressing
  • Peanut butter porridge with strawberries and honey
  • Seared sirloin and soy mushroom broth
  • Roast salmon with a zesty savoy cabbage salad & lemony white beans
  • Lean beef bolognese with aubergine and whole grain pasta
  • Char grilled chicken, chim char salad with peppery herbs and 2 min rice
  • One tray cod bake with moroccon spiced mixed vegetables
  • Slow roast aubergine smothered with tahini & honey next to greek beef meat balls & brown rice
  • Smooth protein packed yoghurt with passionfruit & roasted cashews
  • Lamb with cumin butternut squash, parsley, red onion, puy lentils & yoghurt sauce
  • Chickpea coconut & tomato curry with brown rice
  • Ground almond coated chicken bites & white rice with pickled cucumber & radish
  • Sweet potato burrito with lean beef mince, corn, cherry tomatoes & yoghurt lime with spring onion sauce
  • +39 more


Being physically fit feels amazing. But starting your fitness journey can be overwhelming and being consistent and holding yourself accountable can be tough. That’s why David has designed the Endeavour movement roadmap to scale in line with your progress and confidence. You will watch and learn from the exercise demos, develop skills and see the results.

You are no longer on your own. Whatever your starting point, absolute beginner or serial intermediate, the 365-day staged roadmap is designed to build your confidence, help you avoid injury, get stronger and lose body fat. All this will tie in perfectly with your Endeavour FOOD element.

It’s only a matter of time before you'll start to see the man you want to be in the mirror.

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We know most of you will be in some sort of lockdown right now and times are uncertain. We want to help you stay fit, healthy and progressing towards your best you. That’s why we have modified the Endeavour Roadmap Movement element to be done from the comfort of your own home.
All you will need is a set of dumbbells and you can take full advantage of the Roadmap. All new members will receive this Roadmap, however if you still have access to a gym, please email us (support@endeavourlife.com) and we will transfer you on to the original gym-based roadmap.

Endeavour MOVEMENT

We have mapped the Movement Roadmap into 3 Training blocks.

  • Block 1 – Low skill, low volume, medium intensity
  • Block 2 – Medium skill, medium volume, medium/high intensity
  • Block 3 – High skill, high volume, high intensity

Each block is broken into:

  • 5 weeks hypertrophy
  • 4 weeks strength
  • 4 weeks power
  • 4 weeks conditioning

Plus, we've even included:

  • Quarantine friendly home based programming
  • Weekly stretching and mobility sessions
  • Gym based programming available
  • All you need is some dumbbells and a yoga matt


This element is absolutely pivotal to unlocking your potential.

Tim will coach you on how to maximise your life! Show you how to deal with your fears, push aside self-doubt and bring who you really are into focus. You will start to recognise your unique abilities and what’s really important to you.

We will teach you step-by-step systems to unlock more time with the people who matter and more financial freedom.

Endeavour will make you more self-aware so you can slay your inner critic and home in on your priorities for a happy and fulfilling life. There’s no better time than right now.

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Endeavour MIND

No bullshit here. Just mindset coaching for the normal bloke. The Mind Roadmap covers:

  • Breaking down the mental barriers stopping you from excelling
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding why you do the things you do
  • Defining your own confidence
  • Visualising your ideal future life and making it happen
  • Removing the metaphorical mask that covers who you really are
  • Creating deeper and more meaningful relationships with your partner
  • Using confidence to excel at work and increase your income
  • Goals and challenges that give you the impetus to grow, develop and expand
  • Identifying reasons to change and reinforcing your commitment to be confident
  • Thinking like a confident person and making it your reality
  • Challenging the little voice in your head that loves to criticise you
  • Who do you imagine yourself to be? Self-image and subconscious thinking

Modern Masculinity


"Be a man. Real men don’t cry. Man up."

You’ve heard these phrases that are just as degrading to women as they are to men. And while long gone are the chest-beating versions of manhood, too many men are struggling to live up to society's unrealistic and outdated expectations of what it is to be a man.

We created Endeavour to help men be the very best version of themselves. By illuminating the many pathways to tolerance, emotional literacy and self-reliance, we want to shift the cultural needle and let go of gender stereotypes for good.

By paying attention to your mind and body, we want you to fuel the change.

THE THREE coaches


Caspar Rose is a professional chef and CEO of London’s most successful bespoke meal delivery service, Fresh Fitness Food. His passion for making healthy food both delicious and accessible has driven the growth of his business to dominate the London market.

Adamant that getting in great shape doesn’t mean surviving on dry chicken and broccoli, he’ll show you the fundamentals of sound nutrition and apply that knowledge to simple, delicious and healthy meals that dovetail seamlessly with your training and lifestyle.

Caspar’s philosophy:

“Real food delivers real results.”

David Birtwistle

David is a highly motivated Movement and Nutrition Consultant. His special brand of coaching empowers a global client base to live a long, healthy and happy life. Since completing a degree in Strength & Conditioning Science, he’s become a respected coach in London’s fitness community.

He's featured in the UK’s leading fitness magazine, Men’s Health, has helped countless people through his weekly Coaching Confidence podcast and is an influential voice on social media. David spent 4 years completing a first-class honours degree in Petroleum Engineering but turned down a career in Oil and Gas to focus on his one true passion – helping others.

David’s philosophy:

“If you never try, you’ll never know. If you never fail, you’ll never grow.”

Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper is an author, speaker and a specialist in life performance coaching. In his book The Art of Unlearning, he teaches that no matter what kind of hole you’re in, you can get out and find a life worth living. Trust him, he’s done it himself.

His podcast The Tim Cooper Academy Podcast debuted on iTunes in June 2018, and his new YouTube show, Tim Cooper TV, is set to take the channel by storm. Over 60,000 people enjoy his posts on Instagram every week. Hailed as “one of the most authentic, genuine and relatable coaches working today”, he’s featured in The London Metro, The Guardian and Women’s Health Magazine.

Tim’s philosophy:

“There is no greater gift than investing in yourself.”

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Word of Mouth

Praise for David Birtwistle

Losing 20kgs in 6 months has made me more sociable, yes, but more confident too. David manages to teach you how to do it for yourself.

Jack (Sydney)

Praise for David Birtwistle

After 10+ years of mental and physical struggles, I have never felt this comfortable, confident or so entirely happy to be on this journey with David.

Hanan (Kuwait)

Praise for David Birtwistle

No fuff, no flashy nonsense. David is hugely knowledgeable, always invested, and with an inspiring drive. An excellent role model.

Kaj (Sweden)

Praise for Tim Cooper

I was overwhelmed and not in control of my own destiny. Tim opened my eyes and gave me clarity on what I should be doing. It was life-changing.

Mark (London)

Praise for Tim Cooper

I was at a crossroads. Tim helped me remember my own worth and gave me the confidence to take action. So grateful to have worked with him.

James (London)

Praise for Tim Cooper

Tim gave me the focus, clarity and tools I needed to make a positive change. He made a huge difference to my life and those around me.

James (London)

Are you ready?

Whatever stage in life you’re at, Endeavour will help you thrive by changing your relationship with food, movement and mind.

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